Epson XP-410 All-in-One Printer - Have Excellent Features & Affordable Price

Many people love Epson printer because it offers so many advantages, rich of features and sold at affordable price. Just like the Epson XP-410 printer that has become a favorite of many people in the world. This is a multifunction printer, means you can scan and copy documents too. This printer is also easy to use, thanks to its wireless features that allow you to print from mobile devices (iOS devices, Android-based smartphones and tablets) directly and easily. The XP-410 also comes with the latest version in wireless standard and combined with Wifi direct. 
Other features are super excellent where it also supports Airprint & Cloud print from big companies Apple&Google. The manufacturer also includes a LCD screen with a size of 2.5 inch and touch panel so it will be easier to operate so you can print photos borderless or customize layout of photos without having to connect to your PC. The XP-410 has individual ink cartridges (black, cyan, magenta, yellow) so if the color runs out, you only need to replace the color you need.
You can print photos from SD card if you want and the pictures will be printed in real colors, it also possible to crop the pictures directly from the printer. You can also adjust some settings but unfortunately you can only use some basic images editing. Besides you can print wirelessly, you can also hook this printer to your computer using USB 2.0 cable (not included in the package).
Other features include WiFi direct that allow users to print from PC using WIFI even if you do not have a wireless network.. Pretty awesome.. Its WIFI direct also can be installed relative easy.. you can read manual if you find some issue with the installation. Want more features ?? Ok.. you will get it... just send your documents you want to be printed to email address that you have setup before so print from anywhere you want is super easy.
This is one of the best home p rinters 2016 on the market and it also offers several applications for iPad, iPhone or Android devices which let you print, scan or send yuor scanned files to a printer, save these files on your local drives or online hard drives.
We can't mention one by one all features of this printer.. it would be better if you visit its official page in Canon Website or Amazon where you can find a lot of reviews and more details.. you can place your order if you want.


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